More than 150+ clients trusted us to create portraits for Professional of Personal use. 

Commercial & Product (Cloths, jewellery, Accessories, all kind of E-shops etc)

More than 50+ Companies trusted us to create their product list & and promos for their commercial sites. 

Portfolio for Models & Actors.

More than 75+ clients had their official portfolio with us, in studio and outdoors. 

Real Estate, Hotels, AirBNB, Architectural

More than 50+ clients made the difference on the photography of their properties.

In collaborations with French Meero company, Lambros Kazan has been the official photographer and inspector of Airbnb company in the special category of AIRbnb PLUS houses in Thessaloniki city. 


More than 275+ Restaurants had their menus and promotions photoshoot with us.

Weddings & Christening

We had the pleasure to shoot more than 85+ couples on the happiest day of their life.

More than 125+ parents had the best memories captured of the kids christening. 


We have covered more 150+ Concerts, Theatrical plays, Conferences&Seminars events with our special photography and video equipment. 


We have thousands of photos & videos in our collections available for licensing through Adobe Stock agency. Our images and footage have been licensed by more than 25.000 customers from all over the world and have been widely used in Magazines, Books, Web Sites, Commercials,  Advertisements, Documentaries, News, Cinema Movies, TV Channels, Tourism Agencies etc.

Companies that have trusted us over the years