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Image by Tomasz Sroka

Who are we 

Lambros Kazan Photography & Film Productions was founded in 2009, after years of work in the field of Studio Photography and Film.

We specialise in a very wide variety of fields:

- Portraiture :

a. Classic Fine Art Portraits and Prints

b. Portraits for Professional use (LinkedIn, CV etc)

c. Corporate Portraits for companies.

d. Family

e. Couples

f.  Kids (0-18)

- Commercial & Product  (Clothing, Jewellery, Accessories, and all kind of E-shop Product photography)

- Portfolio for Models & Actors (in studio or outdoors)

- Real Estate, Hotels, AirBNB, Architectural 

- Food Industry 

- Weddings & Christening  Ceremonies

- Events (Concerts, Theatrical plays, Conferences&Seminars etc.)

- Advertising (Photography and Video promo for Companies & Organisations) 

- Stock (Thousands of photos & videos are  available for licensing through Adobe Stock)

*In 2019 Hellenic Railways Organisation licensed one of our photos (with the Acropolis Parthenon in Athens )

- Fashion, Sports, Travel, Fine Art, Pet, Aerial / Drone, Macro , Composites and Creative.

- 360 Virtual Tour Services

- Drone video and Photography (For Real Estate or any other commercial use)

- Interviews/Presentations (Professionals are using our services to capture their presentations for TV/youtube etc, both in location, or in our Studio. Our studio is equipted with latest technology cameras, wireless microphones, leds lights, green screen etc. Video editing with Davinci Resolve)




- Seven (7) High Resolution Canon and Sony Full Frame Sensor Cameras

- Drones

- 360 tour camera 

- Gopros and Pocket  cameras


(25+) High End Lenses that produce high quality top sharp images (ZEISS, SONY, CANON etc) 


Full equipped Photography Studio with:

- Studio flashes 1000W, 400W 200W,

- Powerful  Leds for video 

- Diffusers, octagones, parabolic umbrellas  etc

- 2.75m professional backdrops (white, grey etc)

- Green Screen 

- Special Led Boxes for Product Photography 


- Space for makeup preperation for 3 people


- Electronic Stabilisers (Gimbals)

- Portable PRO lighting equipment for shooting on location.

- External Recorders & Monitors (Ninja V) 

- High quality wireless microphones for recording

- Audio high resolution Audio equipment. 



Photos and Videos are edited in latest technology  (HP Workstations with 96 GB of RAM, 5K Retina iMacs, MacBook Pro, on 4K and 5K monitors)



We use Adobe's Suite  (Photoshop, After Effects etc), DaVinci Resolve.  

Creation of custom 3D animated logos for you company etc. 

Database of thousands music themes to choose from.

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